4 Exciting Things that Happened During Dearberry Philippines Blog Con!

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Dearberry Philippines

While my make up game is not totally on point, I must admit I’m a make-up freak.

✓ I see makeup kiosks as my personal form of heaven.

✓ I literally spend more than 10 minutes to get that perfect winged eyeliner (and still fail, lol.)

✓ I say YES to free samples.

✓ I somehow know the lingo and understand what ‘swatches and contour’ mean.

✓ My Instagram feed is 60% make up stuff from people I follow.

✓ I feel satisfied spending on lipsticks, lip gloss, lip balms, etc. even though I have an army of them already.

✓ I have four of the same color of lipstick just because.

So, yup… in all things that require make up, my answer is always YES.

All day, everyday.

Come September, I was stoked to receive a blog conference invite from a Korean cosmetic brand called DearBerry. They invited a number of bloggers and vloggers in an exclusive premiere launching held at  Oakwood Premier Joy Nostalg. They’re looking to gain a foothold on the Philippine market with their product line catered to millennials, especially to college students who are into more budget-friendly cosmetic products.

Dearberry Philippines Products

Korean cosmetics have been getting more popular all around the world in recent years, so it was only a matter of time until a brand like Dearberry arrived here. Dearberry Philippines is known for being one of the more affordable brands in Korea, but it brings good value with high quality cosmetics.

Fun fact: Their manufacturer is also Tony Moly’s manufacturer.

If you’re a serious fan of Korean cosmetics like me, you’ll find their product line very promising!

So back to the event… Here’s what went down during the blog con on September 3, 2016:

Brand Introduction

Dearberry Philippines carries a product line that’s made with ingredients from nature and promises a reasonable pricing that won’t make you bankrupt. Dearberry Philippines prides itself on using only all natural elements such as berry complex, which consists of the 8 extracts of berries (wow!) (Blueberry, Acai berry, Raspberry, Aronia Berry, Elderberry, Cranberry Blackberry and Strawberry)!


From easy-to-apply skin care products to lovely-packaged blushers and charmingly sweet lip balms, Dearberry boasts a huge inventory of goodies to choose from – I went kind of crazy thinking of which ones to try on first, lol. What’s cool about them is that they’re always open to suggestions on which new products to create, despite their already seemingly endless list of make up products.

Make Up Session

After the products were introduced, we had a hearty meal from their generous buffet. What follows next is their free make up session where their makeup artist showed us a few tricks and tips on how to use their products.



Giveaway and Freebies!


The best part of the night: They gave out some freebies!

From their huge selection, here are some of the products that caught my attention:

Compact Powder


The branding for Dearberry’s compact powder foundation is fairly interesting, and it works quite well on its own.


One of my favorites from their line is CheeKiss. It is a multi-function cream that can be used both as lip color and blush, which makes kakikayan very convenient. You can just carry this and be able to touch up more quickly and easily.


Lip Balm

As good as the CheeKiss is, you do need some variety to go with it. These flavored lip balms come in different colors, which should suit whatever occasion you may have in mind. Having a set of these is always a nice idea.


Danbi Deep Moist Toner

This is part of Dearberry’s own Danbi series of skin care products. Their skin toner is great for those who happen to have really dry skin and could use some deep moisturizing.


The other Danbi products include a Moist Toner for skin that’s not as dry, as well as the Essence Mist spray to make your skin glow and it works like magic!

Eye Essentials

The Rockcat Girl eyeliners, including liquid pen liner and pencil, have good pigmentation and are fast drying. They certainly hold up compared to that of other brands. Meanwhile, their eyeshadows come with good variety and aren’t as heavily pigmented as a lot of other eyeshadows out there. That makes for a much lighter finish, suited for a more natural look.




Meet and Greet Fellow Bloggers

I’ll sure be doing more reviews about DearBerry products once I’ve tried all of them already. While waiting for my next posts, go check out Dearberry reviews  from other bloggers/vloggers I met at the event like Ciara, Shaira, and JackqyRaj! While we unfortunately didn’t have pictures together, I was also glad to meet some of the beauties who were at the event like Posh.Possibilities girls, CasLo, Erika of Of Things and Dreams, Via of Encyclopevia. and others… Hello ladies! 😉

Bloggers / Vloggers at the Dearberry Philippines Premiere Launch

All in all, it was indeed a successful premiere launch for Dearberry Philippines and I definitely had fun! I’m liking what I got from them so far and I’m looking forward to trying out more of what they have.


Website: Dearberry.ph
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dearberrymanila/
Instagram: https//www.instagram.com/dearberry.ph

Dearberry Philippines is also open for resellers who are interested in carrying their products. If you’re interested, they may be contacted at info@dearberry.ph for inquiries and other concerns.You may also contact, BamRock MDSG on Instagram “BamRocksMDSG”, the official distributor of Dearberry Philippines for orders and reseller inquires.

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