You Know What’s Cool? SeoulBingo Magic Freezer Finally Arrives in Manila!


Is it actually possible to be excited about a refrigerator? They’re usually taken for granted, but a party can’t be without cold drinks.

I know it’s a bit odd to get excited and all, but for slush lovers like me, it’s a totally different story.

Last September 17, Seoul Bingo was officially introduced by MNL Mig during The PCKING Night event held at the Ruins in Makati. It was launched alongside #thePCK, which is an awesome community of artisinal brewers that boast locally crafted beverages.

SeoulBingo Magic Freezer can help businesses sell more cold beverages through the power of supercooling—cooling them down below zero without freezing!

I (unfortunately) don’t drink alcohol (boohoo!), so I wasn’t unable to try these supercooled local brews prepared by MNL Mig during the event! In the future, I hope! Possibly a slushee coke or slushee rootbeer, yes?

SeoulBingo Magic Freezer

So…Here’s How it works: 

Supercooling gives off extraordinary aesthetic quality to drinks while maintaining their flavor and quality, thus attracting more customers to get more drinks. This works especially well for alcoholic beverages since they are most conducive for supercooling.

It’s not just some cheap trick, but a great way to make a drink better by turning it into a slush with a tap!

Check out this demo video I took during the event:


Based on reviews I’ve read, SeoulBingo is better than anything else on the market at doing this.

Unlike other fridge, You can store your drinks in SeoulBingo, then take them out and give them a shake or tap to watch the magic happen right before your eyes. The majority of freezers just turn drinks into ice and have them break out of their containers, so they’re not really ideal for storing beverages.

The refrigerator is alright for the most part, but it takes too long to cool drinks, which may not be good for businesses that are expected to have them cold right then and there… but with SeoulBingo Magic Freezer, that’s no problem as it delivers the happy medium of cooling drinks fast while not turning them into messy frozen blocks.

They’re cooled to the ideal temperature within 20-30 minutes every single time. The SeoulBingo Magic Freezer’s ingenious design enables it to do this without you having to keep an eye on it, thus making it ideal for busy establishments. It has been available in Australia and New Zealand for quite a while now, and they’ve finally arrived in Manila.

Just some of the beers during #thePCKing Night!

I had the chance to talk to the owners and partners of MNL MIG (official distributor of Seoul Bingo here in the Philippines) and based on their numbers, the SeoulBingo Magic Freezer has proven to improve beer sales by up to 300%. That’s friggin H-U-G-E!

Kit Cuenta & Paolo Cortez w/ MNL Mig’s Managing Partners, David Park & Jonvic Mangibin

It also yields savings since ice wouldn’t be needed to cool the drinks down as they are cooled quickly and stay cool for much longer due to the supercooling effect. It’s something that can help establishments set themselves apart from the rest in a small but significant way.


Bar set up at The Ruins during The PCKing Night

Small world it is; we bumped into one of our friends from the Sneaker world, Din Tillah. To our surprise, we learned that he’s also one of the brains behind MNL Mig. He let us bring home MNL MIG local beers to have our friends try it.

Kit Cuenta w/ one of MNL MIG partners, Din Tillah

Anyhoo, meeting Seoul Bingo & MNL MIG team in person wouldn’t be possible without these lovely ladies from Lion vs Sheep Marketing Events! Hi Lace and Rizz <3

Kit Cuenta w/ Lace Taburcio and Rizza Villaflor of Lion vs Sheep Marketing Events

So guyssssss! If you’re a food business who’s ready to try this new tech in town and revolutionize the way people drink, you can get in touch with MNL MIG using the contact details below:

Email: (David Park, Managing Partner)



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