12 Things Only Zark’s Burgers Lovers Will Understand

Source: Zark’s Burgers Facebook Page

If you’re a Zark’s Burgers addict like me, roll your eyes down!

1. You and your squad are always willing to brave the epic lines, because you know it’s worth the wait.

2. Some of the hardest decisions you’ve ever made is to choose between a Jawbreaker or a Tombstone.


3. When you see your Luther Burger coming to your table


4. Then they walk to a different table!

5. When your squad convinces you to try their Jawbreaker Challenge (Finish a Jawbreaker Burger under 5 minutes and it’s FREE)



6. And actually tried it several times, but constantly failed! 


7. When you see somebody buys a Tombstone burger and never finishes it.


8. You order anything that has the word BACON in it: Deep Fried Bacon Burger!!!



9. It kills you to know that it’s #JawbreakerDay (For a day, Jawbreaker Burger is sold at 150php only) and walang sahod!


10. And you constantly see their drool-worthy posts on Facebook, but you still can’t go yet!


11. When a new branch opens near you!


12. When you get annoyed when other Burger joints claim they’re as good as Zark’s, but they’re not.


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