About Me


Hi, I’m Kit. I am a Content Writer & a Social Media Manager by profession, and an entrepreneur at heart. I graduated from Philippine Normal University with a degree in Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Science in Education, Major in Literature. I’ve been in the Digital Marketing industry for almost 8 years now, where I started off as a gaming writer and later on decided to take a leap of faith into entrepreneurship & quit my 9-5 job.

Doing so led me to a lot of a wonderful things, from guilt-free traveling to finally building my own brand and exploring my passion for writing, food, fashion and ticking off my bucket list items one by one.

It took me really long to finally launch this blog because I was busy with everything else that is going on, But hell yeah, finally… I’m back 🙂

Aside from everything pure fun, I’m also into business. I’m a huge advocate of building small business with low risk investments but offers if not high, sure returns. My fiance and I built an online shop in 2013 for sneaker freaks: It’s called Best Foot Forward – we sell authentic, mostly rare Jordans and other Nike products. On September, I’m launching another small business for beach lovers: It will be called @Bikini.Kit on Instagram, where we’ll sell lovely, yet VERY affordable bikini/swimsuits!

You see… I’m very transparent. What you see is what you get. I’m a simple person, I love amazing things and everything nice. What you’ll basically read in this blog is merely about my pocket full of happiness – and they’re neither pretentious nor insincere.

Welcome to Bucketlist and Beyond. My opinion, our rainbows and butterflies, our bucket list and beyond.

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