Be Naturally Beautiful with ProYoung 10-Step Skin Care Routine


Formerly known as SeriAsia, ProYoung Phiippines has now rebranded to focus their efforts in bringing great skin care products to one and all. They’ve had some pretty good stuff even before the rebranding, and I got to try some of it in their recent blogger event.

Last October 2nd, a few selected bloggers were invited to try ProYoung Philippines‘ products and I was lucky to be part of them, having met a number of high-performance skin care products and some beauty tips I’ve never even heard/tried before. During the event, we were introduced to a buffet of skin care products that are essential in the 10-step Skin care regimen.


ProYoung 10-Step Skin Care Regimen


Korean skincare is known to be very good, and that’s mostly because of how exhaustive it is. It may seem extreme, but results do speak for themselves. The ProYoung 10-Step Skin Care regimen is one that has been simplified and abbreviated for best possible results for just about anyone who wants to look young and vibrant.


It does seem intimidating that this regimen takes ten whole steps, but it all does make sense. It’s thorough and goes through every single thing you need to do in order to take good care of your skin, just like how an exercise routine is for the rest of your body.

Following these ten steps every night is pretty much a good idea when practiced diligently. They are as follows:

Eye Makeup Removal

A normal cleanser won’t work well in removing eye makeup. It should also be able to remove any sort of long-wear lipstick as well. For the first step, we used ProYoung’s Vital oil product – it’s specially formulated for the face that contains heat retention properties which promises to give you a relaxing sensation.


If you spend a good while putting on make-up, you should spend around as much time taking it off. An oil cleanser is best for this, coupled with a gentle facial massage to increase circulation and brighten the skin.



A natural scrub used once or twice a month works best to keep your skin smooth and to work on blackhead-prone parts of the face. As far as facial exfoliation goes, less is indeed more and definitely better than none at all. We used ProYoung product, Chakra Crystal as exfoliator.

Sheet Mask

This is to be done twice a week; more if your face is very dry. The mask is soaked in collagen and other enriching ingredients that help with bringing new life to skin and prevent aging. These ProYoung element masks work in different ways.




Go for toners that are not as harsh as most that you find in the market. They should be thought of more as refreshers, restoring the pH balance on your skin while removing dirt at the same time.  We used Whitelity Toner and gaaahd, it was so refreshing!


The facial soak in treatment essence is a mystery to most, but is thought of as the most crucial step in the 10-step skincare regimen as it affects the skin at the cellular level.


This is pretty much a concentrated version of essences, called serums and boosters in western markets. It helps brighten skin, remove sunspots, and smooth lines. We used Whitelity Complex as our serum which provides long-lasting moisturizing effect – got to be honest, this one’s the most soothing product from the set.

Eye Cream


It’s said that it’s better to gently tap the eye cream around rather than just smearing it as it helps with better absorption and prevents any sort of tugging and pulling the skin around the eyes.


A moisturizing layer helps keep the skin supple.

For these steps, we used the Vitamin-E loaded skin mosituizer E-action cream that helps protect skin from free, radical environmental stresses. It’s actually one of their best sellers, since it’s dual purpose (eye cream and moisturizer!)

Sun Care 

For the finishing touches, we applied ProYoung’s Sun-defense foundation which is a cream-based product designed for daily broad spectrum agains UVA and UVB.

ProYoung Spa and Wellness


It doesn’t stop with just their products. ProYoung also have a spa for those who want some pampering and relaxation to go with their skincare. Aside from the usual massage, they make use of the best ProYoung products in their line to administer other treatments and therapies that are sure to relieve stress and refresh both your body and mind.


If you want to pay a visit and see their products personally, ProYoung Philippines has two main branches you can visit – in Greenhills and Fairview. You may contact also them via the following channels:

Facebook | Instagram | Website | Products Pricelist

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