The Ultimate Getaway for Romance and Relaxation: Two Seasons Island Coron


We had planned our honeymoon in Aman Pulo, but our wedding expenses made us reconsider the venue for our first getaway as husband and wife. We thought about it for a bit and decided that maybe it’s a good time to spend this special time somewhere that’s unbelievably beautiful but familiar as well. Coron, Palawan seemed like the perfect destination.

Coron recently gained more attention due to the report of Nickelodeon’s supposed plans to build an underwater theme park there, which has gotten social media in a stir. Whatever you may think of that idea, Coron is such an achingly beautiful place as is.

It was a four days and three nights of fun and wonder with my husband in Coron. Our first day was spent in Coron Westown, but we then opted to transfer to Two Seasons the next morning. The transfer itself was free, excluding fees for the speedboat and the van to get there.


Two Seasons Coron is paradise on earth—a private island with modern amenities—located 22 kilometers away from Coron Town, at the Malaroyroy Peninsula in Bulalacao Island. It’s around half an hour away from the airport, accessible by speedboat. Once you get there, there are 42 bungalows that await guests, situated along the hillside.


Each Island Tip bungalow has an open veranda with outdoor jacuzzi, perfect for lounging and relaxation under starlit skies at night. The rooms are pretty big with high ceilings, hardwood floors, big TVs, jumbo showers, free minibar, and many other amenities.


Some may be more coveted than others, but all of them are more than sufficient for making your stay as comfortable as possible, and all of them feature a gorgeous view.



We had booked for a Mountain Bungalow room at first, but we then chose to make it a bit more special for our honeymoon by upgrading to the Island Tip Bungalow, adding PhP 20,000 to what we already paid. That may seem like a lot, but the delicious food, numerous amenities, and the amazing view made it all worth it.



There’s much fun to be had outside of the bungalows as Two Seasons has one of the best beaches in Coron. The surrounding waters are perfect for kayaking and snorkeling, and you can rent a Molokini or Hydrobob by the hour if you wish. There’s also a 600 sqm. swimming pool with a swim-up bar for those who just want to take a dip.


The beaches of Bulog Dos Island is known for turtles, so watch out for them when you’re exploring that part of Coron. You may also take tours with professional guides for diving excursions and island hopping if it’s your first time there and you want to see more of Coron first hand.

If you want to just relax and recharge, the Narra Spa and the health club atop the hill has facilities to help your body feel better. You can get a massage or have a workout while looking out at the most magnificent view from high up that Coron has to offer.

Dining options are fantastic as well. You can go to Sulu Restaurant for a fabulous selection of foreign and Filipino heritage dishes, and you can also avail of fresh lobster from the catch of the day. You can also order breakfast in bed, which is especially great here since you get to eat while looking out the view of the shore. There’s also the Bahura Bar for cocktails at night, and you can play billiards there as well.

All of this is made possible by Two Seasons Coron being a fully self-sustaining island resort, which makes sure that people can enjoy all these amenities without it being at the expense of Mother Nature. Their eco-friendly facilities provide 5-star guilt-free service to guests.

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If you wish to book a stay in Two Seasons Coron, prices start from PhP 30,000 per night during peak seasons. These rates include round-trip transfers and all the amenities mentioned above. The views are great, the bungalows are luxurious, and service is top notch.

Take note that it’s pretty far from Coron Town itself, but that should be no problem if you’re there to get away in the first place. Also, the tours can be fairly expensive, so you may want to think about whether you really want to see more of what’s arguably one of the most breathtaking spots in Palawan.

While it had to end, our honeymoon wasn’t without great memories thanks to Two Seasons Coron. Having been to Coron five times already, we chose not to book for tours. We were simply there for a good time, and it was indeed splendid. There was no other way we could’ve spent our honeymoon, and it was definitely money well spent.

Watch the Video of our Coron Westown and Two Seasons Island Coron Tour here:

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TravelBookPH First Blogger Affiliate Get Together Event At The Legend Villas

The first ever Blogger Affiliate Get Together has been a huge success! From the event proper, to The Legend Villas Hotel Tour, and Buffet Lunch of Lola Maria Restaurant ,’s Blogger Affiliates surely enjoyed the rest of the day!

True to its word, with the event’s fun and interactive contests, games, raffles, and networking opportunities, the blogger affiliates together with TravelBook’s Business Development Team had a great and exciting day to remember.

The Legend Villas toured the blogger affiliates around the hotel to check their elegant Function Rooms, and different hotel room types.

vsa Blogger Affiliates in action as The Legend Villas Staff toured them around the place


Buffet Lunch at Datu Room by Lola Maria Restaurant


Here are some of the experiences of some of our Blogger Affiliates who attended the Get Together at The Legend Villas:

“The event was fun and at the same time informative. I was able to get to know other bloggers through the different fun activities and gained more information about, its Blogger Affiliate Program and about The Legend Villas as well.” – Carl Dizon,

“Yesterday was a milestone for me as a blogger. For twenty-two months, my introverted self was alone in “my blogging world”. Finally, I found the courage to go out there and meet like-minded people (who turned out to be really nice, by the way). Thank you TravelBook Philippines and The Legend Villas and to all other sponsors for my first ever official blogger event!” – Katrina Singson,

“One of the most interactive and fun Bloggers Affiliate events I had attended. A simple forgetting other stuff in blogging and just enjoy the laughter and fun during the event. Everyone is accommodating. Looking forward for a more fun and exciting events, and to be part of TravelBook Blogger Getaways. Kudos to the Team!” – Leomy Sanchez,

Merci Beaucoup to TravelBookPH Get Together. A day of journey full of fun, games, prizes, learning, warmth, and sumptuous feast. Cheers! Till the next journey!” – Ma. Victoria Cruz,

“ Affiliate Get Together has been a delight! Meeting and interacting with the other affiliates was fun. Awesome venue as well, very warm welcome, accommodating Ladies, always wearing their smiles!” – Rey Esteves,

“I was scammed! I was not informed that the event would be so fun and exciting. Aside from enjoying the activities and sumptuous food, I was able to meet and mingle with other bloggers too!” – Kerwin Lawrence Octavo;


Blogger Affiliates with “Paint Me A Picture” Game!


This event will not be made possible without our generous sponsors: The Legend Villas, Lola Maria Restaurant, Get Go PH, Thumbprints Trading Inc., PhotoBook Worldwide, Climb Central Manila, Ortius International Inc., LifeKit, Zalora Philippines, Vivo Lumio Your To-Go Kit, and Pisig Ad Network. is the fastest growing Online Travel Agency (OTA) in the Philippines which boasts more than 2,700 hotel listings all over the country. If you are a blogger and you want to earn more with your blog and attend exclusive events, trainings, seminars, and blogger getaways to different Philippine destinations, please sign up at


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Indulge in Leisure with Shangri-La Mactan Resort and Spa


For this quarter’s short break, Paolo and I decided to give the booming Metropolis Cebu another try. We were only there last February for our South Cebu tour and it’s as if we never run out of reasons to go back in a heartbeat. We actually considered heading up north to Malapascua, but felt that the 4-hour travel’s going to be extra tiring, so we just decided to look for a staycation spot around the metro instead.


Looking for the perfect place to unwind can get pretty tricky since you wouldn’t want to encounter unfortunate surprises once you’re there. However, Shangri-La Mactan Resort and Spa is certainly one of the best ones. The hype is indeed for real, and it’s a must-visit vacation spot for anyone looking to get away from it all for a while.


We availed their day tour package, and what we got for our money was a great experience for a whole day in this veritable paradise on earth.

The following are what met us there:

Day Tour Inclusion

For P3,600 per person, you’ll get access to these things:

  • Lunch Buffet at Tides Restaurant
  • Free use of beach, pool, towels — you can use as many towels as you want
  • Free use of Gym and Health Club facilities (sauna, steam bath, jacuzzi)
  • 10% discount on Health Club and Salon Services for adults
  • 25% discount on Dinner Buffet at Tides Restaurant

That is not a bad rate at all for a day in this paradise with this much access to everything in it.

This day tour package starts at 8 AM and ends at 9 PM, with lunch served from 12 to 2:30 PM.

Health Club

If you need a bit of a workout, the Health Club has an assortment of gym equipment including treadmills, weights, and strength equipment from Life Fitness. Once you’re done with your workout, you can then relax in the sauna, try out the steam bath, and dip in the jacuzzi as you wish. You also get 10% savings on salon services that includes hair, face, and body treatments.




Chi Spa

For even more relaxation, the spa has all the works. Different kinds of body massage, foot reflexology, hot stones, and many other types of treatments can help you take the edge off and de-stress.


Lunch Buffet at Tides Restaurant

This buffet is indeed the stuff of legend. Once the clock strikes 12 noon, you can go to Tides Restaurant and have a delicious lunch buffet (drinks not included) prepared by world class chefs. You also get 25% savings on the Dinner Buffet, excluding drinks. Yes guys, this was the best part of the day.

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The Beach

The centerpiece of Shangri-La Mactan does not disappoint at all with its beautiful view and really clear waters. You can just put on your goggles and go for a swim with the fish and corals. If you just want to hang back and take in some sun, then you can do so amid a gorgeous view. It’s one of the most beautiful seascapes on earth. I definitely enjoyed basking under the sun that I forgot to take pics of how the shore looked like. On the other note, we left our things in the shore, as there’s no locker provided for day tour guests, unless you’re using the spa. Thankfully though, none of our stuff went missing.


Infinity Pool

Facing the beach is the Infinity Pool, which stands out from the other two swimming pools that are available for people who prefer them to the beach. Instagram worthy view indeed! Pictures don’t do justice and it’s very hard to describe – you need see the place with your own yes!


If you just want to sit back in somewhere quiet, the common area has the perfect ambiance for you to unwind and hold some conversations. Coffee and tea are available here as well to better your momentary respite.




You can then take the shuttle back to Cebu City once the day tour comes to a close. Mostly, we used Grab and Uber to get around as there are a lot of available cabs and private vehicles nearby.

For a whole day, we get to experience the wonders that Shangri-La Mactan Resort and Spa has to offer with all the sights, comforts, and flavors. For sure, Cebu always holds a special place in my heart because this was where Paolo and I became ancouple, and lately where we’ve been engaged… ♥ So for our next Cebu trip, I’m definitely considering visiting this heavenly paradise of Queen City of South again in a snap!

Shangri-La’s Mactan Resort and Spa
Punta Engano Road Lapu-Lapu, Cebu
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